Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally we move back to Iowa!

Nate had gotten a job at his former High School to teach Industrial Technology and to teach high school aged kids to build a house. We were looking for any way to get out of Wyoming and back to Iowa! I got a job waiting tables at a well-known resturant in Fort Dodge. Shortly after moving to Iowa we found out we were expecting our first child!

A little background on how I told Nate:  We have been trying to have a baby and one Sunday morning I decided to take a home pregnancy test and hid it from him and we went to church. When we got home, I remembered I had taken it....and thats when I found out we were pregnant. I then took the test to Nate, who was getting ready to take the trash out, and asked him what the test said. He looked at it....said there's two pink lines, big deal what does that mean. I looked at him and said, "we are having a baby." Nate's mouth dropped to the floor. He was in shock and he said that one line is lighter than the other.....are you sure?
He was in shock but after he thought about it for a few minutes he was very excited!!

Here is our very first picture of our baby. We did not find out the sex until She was born!

The Sandstrom Family has a tradition that the fathers grow their beards during the pregnancy. Nate had to trim his several just would have a been so long! Enjoy this picture....still makes me laugh!!!

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